60s News

Monday and Friday Scrimmages:
1 pm at Hampton turf field.

In case of inclement weather check Gorge website to see if the field is open.

Mondays Open to any player who will be 55 or older by Dec 31st, 2017
 Open to any player who will be 60  or older by Dec 31st, 2017
              Note: No 55+ on Fridays
Bring a white and a BLACK  shirt with you. 
Non SVICSA players must sign a waiver 
Cost is $50 for Jan 2017  to March 31st.
Drop in fee is $5
55+ B C  Games:
2017 Sept12th. (evening) to 16thth. ( noon) in Vernon
 Congrates to all playes who participated on 4 2016 teams.

Members Adventures Outside of Van Isle.

Oct 2015  
Congratulations to Scott T and Ben on being part of the team that won the Columbus Cup in Phoenix.

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