Login Instructions

Adding your name to the Spare Board
Anyone can login and add their name to the Spare Board. Before you do that though you must register (create an account) which involves verifying the account you just created by clicking a link that will be emailed to you.  Once your account has been activated you will be able to use the login form (to the right) and post to the Spare Board. Your post will not show up right away, a moderator will have to aprove it prior to it being published.

If for some reason you do not get the activation link please check your spam filter to see if it has been incorrectly deflected. If it is not in your spam folder or junk email send an email to webmaster@svicsa.com and we will sort it out.

Team Managers / Creating or Editing Team Rosters
Team managers are able to edit their team rosters as well as post names to the spare board. Before you can do this though you will have to register onto the site.  Once you are registered contact the webmaster@svicsa.com and asked for your user name to be elevated to the Roster Manager level, make sure to include which team you are with.  Once this has been done you will be able to edit your team roster and post to the spare board.

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